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Singing Effortlessly Is Not Just A Dream

  • Do you dream of singing on stage but you think your voice needs some polishing before being ready?
  • Do you want to extend your range and have more pitch control?
  • Do you want to develop more power and resonance in your voice?

The truth is you CAN become a better singer if you have the right voice tutor with a proven record of helping people excel in their performance.

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It's Not Just Talent...

Many people think that you are either born with "the voice", or you are not. Let me tell you immediately that this is very far from the truth. I personally started out with a voice considered "average"... and yes, at the beginning I was frustrated and I wondered if I would ever been able to sing what I wanted to. The fact that there are very precise expectations for a modern singer did not help either.

It is certainly not easy being a singer today! Wether you want to perform on stage or 'just' sing for your friends and your own pleasure, it is a fact that the audience is expecting you to perform at a certain level. In fact sometimes it is YOU that expects yourself to perform at that level - and maybe this way you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

Singers are expected to have a large range, a great pitch control, and also to be ready to sing at any moment (as if you didn't have to warm up like other musicians!) With the radio broadcasting great singers and their best performances all day long, you are supposed to have a mastery of vibrato and nuance as well.

In other words, what is supposed to be a pleasure may now be a daunting task!

But fear not... there is a solution. Keep reading.

...The Secret is In The Training!

The solution is very simple at the end of the day. When I was starting I was too concerned if I had enough talent to 'make it'. It turns out that most of what we call talent is not born, but is simply the result of preparation and practice.

I met in my life many voice tutors, and they taught me how to train my voice to get the best performance, how to interpret a song, and how to walk on stage. And I won't lie to you... it took some hard work and effort, but it was also FUN!

There is a kind of deep satisfaction that you can have only when you bring out your real voice and you learn to be the best you can be rather than just copying other singers. I want you to experience the same satisfaction. I want you to be able to go on stage and sing freely, proud of your own voice.

Studio Training

A modern singer needs to be at ease in the studio! Why should you be recording your favorite songs? Well just because it's a great way to:

Student Shivansh S in the recording studio

  • Make a personalized gift.
  • Celebrate an event in your life.
  • ... or just for your personal satisfaction! :-)

Not only we can help you in recording your song (cover or original) at the Edmonton Guitar Recording Studio, but you can have one of us as your own vocal trainer present in the studio with you, to lead you step-by-step in how to make a great recording performance.

Too many singers remember their first studio experience as daunting. It does not have to be this way! We will make sure that you will be ready to enter the studio, and then we will be there with you. Singing in studio is great fun if you have the right help and the right people with you! And after you have made this experience, your song will stay with you forever!

Performance Training

Music is a team sport! One of the most fun things a singer can do (and one of the most coveted goals of any musician) is to be able to step on a stage and sing. If you are like most people, this thought is both exciting and terrifying to you!

Despite popular opinion (if I had a penny for every time I heard "just step on stage and be natural" I would be rich...) being on stage is not an innate ability: as everything else it comes with practice and correct habits. At the same time, you do not want to have your formative experiences at the local jam session or open stage where there is nobody to help you and they are expecting a "perfect" performance!

To help you learn how to perform in front of an audience while feeling confident and at ease, I have created our monthly Music Performance Workshops, where you will be able to perform in a safe and nurturing environment while learning all the ins and outs of stage work. These Workshops are unique (you won't find something similar anywhere else in Edmonton, unless you are a professional singer already) and will provide you with the kind of instruction that will make you stand out of the pack!

A Complete Preparation

Here is a short list of some of the topics we will study on our singing lessons together:

  • Correct Posture: remove that tension from your shoulders and finally sing freely!
  • Breath Support: be finally able to hold a note with authority.
  • Vibrato: ever wondered why so many people like Adele's voice?
  • Chest/Head/Mix voice: use the right range and tone for your style.
  • Increasing Vocal Range: hit these high notes effortlessly.
  • Resonance: put more 'volume' and 'body' into your voice.
  • Belting: learn how to get more from your vocal cords without damaging them.
  • Repertoire: apply all you learn to actual songs.
  • Stage Presence: because all technique is pointless, unless you can actually step up and sing!

Singing Is Fun. Let's Do It!

Here is our pledge to you as a voice teacher:

  • We will guide you step-by-step so you will be able to have correct technique without sacrificing your self-expression.
  • We will share with you the best training methods available today, so that you will experience a steady and progressive learning pace.
  • ... and above all we will make you have FUN during your training!

There is no reason to wait anymore! Come with us on a journey that will take you through the discovery of your own voice! Contact us right now by clicking on the button below:

P.S.If you are still in doubt, you can download this free guide on how to choose a great music teacher. You'll find it useful in your search for the right teacher for you!