HessFest Part 8: Aug 22

First day of the Total Creativity Mastery Week. Tom Hess and other 5 trainers (including yours truly) will train a crowd of guitar players that come from all over the world in the next 6 days for 10 hours a day. The aim of the training: to make these players more creative on the instrument.

Yes, creativity can be taught. If any teacher tells you the opposite, that's your clue that they don't know how to do it :-)

And yes, we DO really train people for 10h a day... it's not an exaggeration, it's what the schedule says and what we are going to do.

We have so many students that the theatre is not enough to hold all of them. We give announcements with a number of students standing in the audience, and then they move to another room for the actual training.

The lesson we teach are innovative and many of the ideas will find their ways back to my students. And BTW, one of my students is also present in the audience today.

As it was the case for the previous week-long Hess event that I taught, the problem of working 10h a day is not the mental effort (I enjoy it), but the physical wear. We trainers have to walk around often among the students to explain them the finer points of the exercises and give them personalized answers... which means that we walk for 10h every day. My feet are killing me. Luckily, I brought more than one pair of shoes, so that by rotating between them I should not get any blister. I hope.

The day goes along smooth and we introduce the students to the basics of our methods. They don't know it yet, but the stuff we show them today is just the beginning... in a sense we are still warming up.

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