HessFest 2016 Part16: Aug 30

Last day of all events for this year. And it's a great day! Yes, we are all a bit tired (both students and trainers) because we have been at it for a long time, but we are all still pushing to reach new heights!

We play some more improvised counterpoint, and now we make it sound not only baroque, but also jazz. We do more complex rhythmic activities, and more creative ear training.

In the afternoon Mike Walsh gives us a lesson on guitar noises and stage moves (useful for anybody who plays on stage... and always funny!) then we have students coming on stage to play solos they composed during the event.

After that there is the diploma ceremony (another round of handshakes... my hand still feels funny) and we wrap up the events with a short speech from all the trainers.

When the students leave the theatre, the trainers stay to help Tom Hess and his crew to tear down all the equipment, and then we go to dinner (Pizza at Giordano's, offered by Tom Hess... who during all the events was often paying for all his table when eating out).

I hate goodbyes, but I know that I will see these wonderful people again in 10 months: the next events are in June 2017!

Back at the hotel I pack my luggage, then I go to the lobby to stay a bit more with my friends. I leave at 3am (and I have to wake up at 6am...) while some others opt to do an all-nighter. Tomorrow we go back home...

EDIT: the travel home was quite an adventure. I will write another post about it in a few hours.

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