HessFest 2016 Part 9: Aug23

Second day of the Total Creativity Week. My morning routine consists in jumping off the bed, get a shower, get a coffee, and show myself into the theatre before the crowd of students arrives.

Some students start already to show signs of mental fatigue from yesterday's training. We know how to deal with that and we kick off the day with a great 'forced creativity" exercise.

While the event is marketed to rock-metal guitar players, in practice we have a wide variety of musicians. We have a few jazz players, one classical guitar player and, believe it or not, even a pianist (who rented a keyboard at a local music store). Our exercises are aimed at making people better musicians before making them better guitar players, so yes, even a piano player can get MASSIVE value from participating.

I'm having loads of fun in teaching these students. They are concentrated, dedicated, and are ready to do everything we tell them to do.

We have a great session about the use of phrasing elements, and then we break for lunch. Since it seems to be a running joke that the hotel restaurant has very slow service, then we (the trainers) go out for lunch.There are many food franchise at walking distance, so the students can get to them too.

In the afternoon we show the students how to play creatively on modal changes and we work also on their rhythmical skills.

After dinner we have a lengthy conversation with other trainers and I go to bed quite late. Seems like sleep deprivation is the name of the game this year.

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