HessFest 2016 Part 15: Aug 29

Today we start easy for the first hour of training, and then we move into advanced territory. From improvised baroque counterpoint to modal exchanges, from polyrhythms to advanced ear training, we push these people like there is no tomorrow.

Too bad for them, there IS going to be a tomorrow, and it's going to be harder than today :-)

Best moment of the day: Tom Hess explaining exercises on stage, and during a pause for effect we hear a LOUD thunder: a flash flood just started. Very dramatic.

As for me, at the end of one of my sessions on modal arpeggios, I mention the fact that after I finish explaining, and I ask "are there any questions?" nobody ever answers... but when I come off from the stage, I can't even finish waling the steps that someone calls me to ask me something.

So I this time I ask: "Are there any more questions?"


"Is that clear to everybody?"


"Is there anybody ashamed to ask questions?"

... nervous laughter...

"Anybody ashamed of being ashamed?"

More laughter

Then I come down from the stage and before I can walk all the steps... TWO people call me for questions :-) Guess there's no helping that!

We spend dinner and evening in business talking, but we are all tired after two weeks of high-intensity training and we call it an early night. Tomorrow is the last day, we have to make it count.

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