HessFest 2016 Part 14: Aug 28

After waking up this morning and giving a rapid look at emails, I noticed that I got some of the dates on the post titles in this blog wrong. Either I'm really really tired, or I'm losing my sense of time. Probably both. I correct them immediately :-)

Today is the first day of the last event of this year, the Elite Guitar Training. Our policy for it is: no holds barred, no punches pulled, they train until they drop.

In fact, we kept some of the best stuff for this event.

Already at lunch more than one student lets me know that the training material we run through the morning was incredibly helpful. My answer is simply to smile... they don't know what is about to hit them :-)

In the afternoon we show the students more advanced training techniques to develop their musicality and technique. In fact some of them are so ridiculously advanced that the audience can't keep from laughing "wait... are we REALLY going to do that?" Yes, you are... and in fact after half an hour of correct coaching, all students are able to perform even the hardest exercise.

Contrary to the previous event, this one has no sessions after dinner (it would be too much for the students). It feels weird to have the evening free. We spent it by talking - again, some of the people here (especially the trainers, but not only) are some of the best guitar coaches in all the world, and are also advanced business experts. It's a pleasure to talk with them and have discussions at such a high level. My students in Edmonton are going to see the impact of all these conversations really soon :-) Just give me enough time to come back... and maybe a week of sleep before I start implementing these new ideas :-)

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