HessFest 2016 Part 13: Aug 27

Last day of the Creativity Week. We push the students very hard, we practically mop the floor with them :-) We combine some of the basic exercises into monster exercises of immense difficulty... and they keep going.

Some of these people have improved so much I can't help being proud. Don't get me wrong, ALL of them have improved. But for some, the change is staggering. They are completely different (and better) players than when they came in.

In the afternoon, after more hours of practice, there is the ceremony where we give them the diplomas. It's not a terribly formal affair: Tom Hess keeps us entertained for the whole ceremony with stories about the students (some of them have been coming for many years...) and we spend most of the hours laughing with the audience and shaking hands with them.

In fact, after shaking hands with all the students, my hand hurts :-) (other trainers feel the same).

Tomorrow start the next and last event for this year: the Elite Guitar Training, that is an all-around high-intensity training program reserved to the most advanced students. Some students are not staying for it, so there are some goodbyes: I'll see most of them again at the next year's event (in June).

After some more conversations and a bit of partying, I go to bed quite early. I'm not done torturing students, and I have to be in good shape tomorrow!

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