HessFest 2016 Part 12: Aug 26

Fifth day of the Total Guitar Creativity Week. After sleeping a bit more than usual I feel like a new person. They also have a chocolate chips muffin for me today. Life is good.

After the first hour of creativity warm up exercises I lead a breakout session. This session is held on a different room than the main theatrical venue (and not that close either). The other trainers will let me know after the session that the fire alarm of the theatre got off and they had to spend 20m outside before the fire department cleared them to reenter. When they let me know all that, I answer that it was probably my fault: the breakout session I was leading in the meantime was titled "playing with fire" :-)

In the afternoon Jacob (another trainer) and I lead another session on phrasing. We create a little real-life scenario for the students in order to get them to put more emotion in their playing... then we grab them one by one and we put them on stage to play. The results are great, and everybody has a lot of fun. In session like this you can literally see the students improving from one minute to another.

Dinner is Mexican (again). I am tired of burgers so I get a salad with... uhm... everything and Jalapenos on top. Spicy.

After dinner we do two more sessions of great restricted improvising on the guitar. Then we all meet in the hall to talk before going to bed.

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