HessFest 2016 Part 11: Aug 25

I literally have no idea how it is possible that I am still functional on this little sleep. And I'm a bit upset because I missed the chocolate chips muffins today too. I get an an apple spice muffin... but this is a poor substitute for chocolate.

The resort has a miniature reproduction of Bourbon Street with shops and restaurants, and we need to pass through it to get to the venue of the event coming from the rooms. Somehow walking past these shops and rehearsing my lessons for the day has become part of my morning ritual. It's good to have a few minutes to walk before working. That is, if my feet were not killing me already, despite the fact that I am rotating between 3 pairs of shoes to avoid blisters (it's working. I don't have blisters. My feet just hurt from standing all day)

In the morning we give more and more complex assignments to the students. After a quick lunch (On the Border... Mexican again!) we have a Q&A session with all the trainers in the theater. Tom Hess schools me on how to hold a lapel microphone to minimize the noise, especially when I gesticulate like an Italian (wait, wasn't the point of a LAPEL microphone that I don't have to hold it?) and the session is great fun for everybody.

We keep the sessions going with systems to control effectively the intensity of the music, and how to not be repetitive when improvising.

We have dinner at the hotel (we are simply too tired to go out to eat) and we give a couple more headache-inducing skull-splitting sessions on rhythm.

While I DO stay for some conversations, I bail out quite early. Ok, not really EARLY but earliER for sure... I still get 6h of sleeping tonight :-)

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