HessFest 2016 Part 10: Aug 24

Morning. Little sleep. Coffee is ok. By the time I get down they finished the chocolate chips muffin (tragedy!)

Third day of the Total Mastery Week. I can see how some of the students have had little sleep themselves - and who can blame them, with such an interesting company, one does not want to call it a day! So we have to start the day with even more energy than yesterday

In week-long events, we trainers consider the first two days as "warm up": the students get to know the basic concepts, they get used to practice 10h a day, they get a bit more confident in their skills. From the third day, that is today, we trainers start to push. We ask more from the students, we put a bit more weight on their exercises, we increase slightly the difficulty of their activities.

And it's amazing how well it works. We are not even halfway through the event and we can see already people playing in a completely different way than when they started.

Lunch is Mexican today (Chili's). In the afternoon we work mostly on integrating note choices and pitch ranges in creative lead playing.

We trainers are constantly moving between the main venue (the theater) and the other room where some of the students study. The other room has a little stage too, and I quite like teaching from there: the decor and the lighting make it look like a luxury venue... actually, we ARE in a luxury venue, so maybe I should not be surprised.

At dinner we go at Olive Garden, an "Italian" restaurant franchise. For a laugh, the other trainers ask me to be the one to talk to the waiters when we enter... only I have to speak in Italian. To the credit of the waiters, they just said "I can't really understand what you are saying" and they were still able to serve us. They don't even seem surprised. Mmmh, guess we are not the first ones to pull this prank.

After dinner we still have 2h to go, and we give a couple of special sessions to our students. In fact I announce one of the exercises as "If you don't have an headache in the next 20m, then I am not doing my job" :-) Gotta convince these brain cells to work!

Despite being tired, I stay up late even tonight. A very interesting conversation takes place and I don't want to miss a word of that... and indeed tonight I'll get only 3h of sleep. Oh well, I guess I'll sleep tomorrow... or at least that's what I said to myself every day :-)

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