HessFest 2014 in Chicago - Part 7

I know I keep saying that every day, but today was simply amazing here at the Total Guitar Mastery Week.

After "just" two days of practice (8-10h of practice per day...) I can see so many people making incredible progresses! It is such a pleasure to be able to teach such motivated students that implement immediately all the directions we give them and practice really hard. Many of the participants already managed an impressive transformation of their playing.

As usual, we kick off with one hour of "intelligent" warming up (that also serves as a technique optimizer exercise) and then we divide the class for one hour of "single teacher" sessions. The session I teach is about the biomechanics of Sweep Picking and how to get to incredible speed with very little effort. It is amazing in how little time motivated students can get the basic of sweep picking. It is a lie that it takes years to learn it... it can take as little as 60m. Some of the participants are living proof of this.

We end the morning with a session on playing consistency (how to play difficult passages right all the times) and then we head out for lunch.

Since one of the students is trying to pick up one of the waitresses at the reastaurant, the conversation during lunch becomes quickly a little lecture by Tom Hess on what would be the best strategy to do that... :-) Strategy that promplty works once the students puts it in practice. (In other words... if you want to play guitar at a world-class level AND being able to pick up girls, just come to the next training event!)

In the afternoon we have sessions on legato accuracy, lead/rhythm integration, and motive creation. I also manage a class on how to compose a "Super Badass" solo ("Super Badass" is a technical term)!. A couple of the students manage to write some seriously impressive pieces, and during the short rest between lessons I see them record their solos on an iPhone. I can't wait for them to record the final versions when they get home!

We have a dinner at a steakhouse where the waitresses dance on the song "Footloose" (I love that song). After dinner we have other two hours of VIP training sessions whose content I cannot disclose... but I can say that we had a little playing contest with a very funny prize for the winner (who is going to wear it on his guitar tomorrow. I'll see if I can get a photo)

After lesson I head to bed immediately (I actually got some more practice time for myself). I know that tomorrow I need to be rested - I want to give the maximum to all the participants. It is inspiring to see students so motivated.

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