HessFest 2014 in Chicago - Part 6

Today we start the Guitar Mastery Week event: a 6-day, 8h/day (or 10h day for the the VIP participants) guitar training event.

YES the participants actually DO train 8-10 hours PER DAY. And YES it is hard. And YES it is TOTALLY worth it (when I attended as a student in a previous edition of this event my physical speed on guitar alone improved 40%. And I was also better in accuracy, fluidity, and ability to integrate different techniques).

As usual, the very first session of the day is dedicated to advanced warming up strategies. We then proceed to a session on fluidity and another on creatives uses of technique before heading for lunch.

In the afternoon I personally manage one session on sweep picking biomechanics and a custom session on fixing specific problems with guitar technique. Other afternoon sessions involve legato mastery and playing endurance. 

At dinner I get a killer plate of barbecued shrimps at the local "australian" restaurant (Outback). 

After dinner we continue with other two hours of training with the VIP participants (I am not at liberty to divulge the kind of training that happens in these hours). 

The last highlight of this long and exciting day is a great conversation with other members of the Elite Guitar Teacher program that gives me SO MANY ideas about possible things I can do for my students that I actually find it difficult to sleep (I am too excited!!)

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