HessFest 2014 in Chicago - Part 4 and 5

These last two days at HessFest were so intense that I actually did not have time to write about them! 

It is incredible how year after year this event blows my mind off more and more. It's literally better every year. And now that as a trainer I can see some of the "behind the scenes" I am more and more impressed by the level of organization and planning that Tom Hess and his collaborators can pull off. 

And the really scary thing is that the event for next year (that Tom Hess announced in these last two days) promises to be even better: a 6-days, 8h/day workshop for music teachers. Of course, I already booked my place. :-) (Hey, I owe my students the best!!)

In these two days we continued and concluded the Fretboard Domination Mastery and Bootcamp events. We were really pleased at the results and progress of the students who attended it. I am really happy of being the trainer of this course, as fretboard knowledge is one of my areas of expertise. 

Another attractive (for me) of this kind of events is the people who attend. I am sleeping VERY little because we are having the most interesting conversations with all these wonderful people from all countries. I mean how many times you had a conversation with half a dozen people about how to realize your dreams (for real) while eating a double-decker 4-pound Chicago-style pizza in the lobby of a hotel.

(for the record, the pizza was shared among 10 people. One of us bought it for $42 - seriously! -  and insisted that we should all partake for free).

Ok, now I'll go get my 5h of deserved sleep. I guess tomorrow it's double coffee day too...

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