HessFest 2014 in Chicago - Part 11

Ok, this blog post was due yesterday... Well it was a VERY busy day. The last day of the Total Guitar Mastery Week, where we pushed students to the limit.

Now, I would have liked to get some pictures of the diploma ceremony, but I didn't calculated that I can't take pictures AND give diplomas at the same time. So you guys will NOT have any pictures of that. 

Instead you are going to get something MUCH better. :-)

You are going to get photos of Mike Walsh' legendary interpretation of Sergeant Shred, the guitar drill sergeant. In the Mastery Week this happens usually during one of the "endurance" sessions. Mike goes around the room, yelling hilarious "insults" like a drill sergeant - while students keep practicing (if they can while laughing that much). Incidentally, this also makes them practice for a longer time... :-)

Sergeant Shred enters the room! This is the pep talk where he reminds all the students that they need to practice more as there is not enough testosterone in the room.


Notice the grenade he is wearing...





Sergeant Shred drilling our student John Loder! "Soldier, I can't hear you above the sound of how much your playing sucks!"







John nearly can't play by how much he's laughing! Sergeant Shred gets ready to get to our teacher Dan Smith while the cameras make sure to not lose any moment of the action!







Getting up close and personal. :-)









Trying the drill sergeant routine with a student who is ACTUALLY a real Colonel. Needless to say he didn't even flinch!







Audience reaction. Personally I had trouble shooting photos as I was shaking so hard from laughter...








This even was really fun to teach from my part. The students were fantastic and were really practicing as much as they could. A few days ago I showed a guitar with missing inlays from too much practice. Today I show you one foot stool:

We really made them to practice untile they or their equipment could not take it any more. If you want the guitar training equivalent of a Navy Seal (complete with drill sergeant...) you only need to sign up for the next Guitar Mastery Week by Tom Hess. 


And tomorrow we start with another 3-days training event: the Elite Force Training, an event reserved for the best of the best. 

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