HessFest 2014 in Chicago - Part 10

Another exciting day at the Total Guitar Mastery Week. I could stay here and describe session-by-session what we were doing today... but this time I am just going to post a few pictures of the event so that you can have an idea how much fun we are having. (For the record, we are also working pretty hard... but there's no harm in having fun while you are working hard!!)

Let's start with some guitar pictures. You see here on the left a Les Paul guitar that has been practiced so hard that one of the inlays fell off (see that one of them is green? That's what behind the mother-of-pearl inlays on the fretboard). 

Can you imagine practicing so hard that your guitar starts to fall apart? Well, that's what happens here!






And here we have the guitar that one of the students is using... notice anything strange? Check out the color of the strings: they are all different!

(and yes we teased him to no end...)



 Here on the left we have our student John Loder and our teacher Dan Smith both practicing hard.

If I remember correctly, this picture wat taken during the "endurance" training, that consists in playing various legato licks for 1h. Without stopping. Yes, with the right pre-training you can do that... but don't try this at home without supervision!! 









These are a few of the students during the "real-life" practicing session (which is personally one of the most fun sessions) where people play music while walking around or jumping, or in this case using other stage-like positions.

Everybody who tried that knows that this is not as easy as it seems!



... and this is our student Carl in a corner of the room during the real-life practicing session. 

No, not everybody was required to jump that high: Carl is an actual professional dancer and I asked him for an "interesting" pose. Due to my non-existend photographic skills (I am a musician, not a photographer!) the jump does not look as high as it actually was. Believe me, it was impressive. 








And finally, this is a shot of the audience just to give you an idea of how many students we are having here (I was not able to get all of it... there are more outside of the picture).

This picture was taken while Tom Hess was announcing some future events. But these are top secret right now so I can't talk yoiu about them... all I can say is that I am really exciting about the future. These events are bigger and better every year, and I am extremely proud of being a part of it, and being able to bring back to my students what I am learning by teaching at such high-profile international events. 

Stay tuned for the last day of the Mastery week tomorrow!

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